Finding Your Element

One of our heroes and inspirations for our family sabbatical year is Sir Ken Robinson.  His influential TED Talk “Do Schools Kill Creativity,” was one of the catalysts for our family adventure.  The year we settled in our new home in the mountains, Sir Ken passed through on a speaking tour.  I was starstruck and dumbfounded.  This was our version of papal sanctification or divine consecration.  Once I recovered from giddy fangirl palpitations, I introduced myself and told Sir Ken our story.  He asked me if he could include us in his next book, FINDING YOUR ELEMENT.  You can find us on page 170.

He’s written a number of amazing books including THE ELEMENT and OUT OF OUR MINDS, that help people think about finding their true north.

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Here is one of our favorite TED talks ever, featuring Sir Ken Robinson on how schools kill creativity.